Hi everyone, I’m very excited to announce that the latest Greenleaf Music Catharsis record, Azul Infinito, has made it onto the Official Ballot for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. If you’re a voting member of the Recording Academy please consider including us on your Top 5 Nominees. We are entered into the following categories:

Improvised Jazz Solo – Mike Rodriguez on “Quintessence”, Jorge Roeder on “Mr. Azul”, and Ryan Keberle on “Eternity of an Instant”
Jazz Instrumental AlbumAzul Infinito by Ryan Keberle & Catharsis
Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella – “Mr. Azul”
Arrangement, Instrumental & Vocals – “I Thought I Knew”

Votes are due by November 4th.

Here’s just a little bit of what people have been saying about Azul Infinito:

“5 new jazz albums you need to hear…inventive, fun, and polished — and never self-indulgent (a jazz rarity)” – Billboard

“A strikingly original album…Keberle’s most fully realized statement yet.” – AllAboutJazz.com

“Azul Inifinito is [Ryan Keberle & Cartharsis’] best and most ambitious recording to date…propulsive and infectious, grooving and gorgeous.” – PopMatters.com

“Entrancing and exceptionally well-crafted tracks that expansively convey a wide range of emotions…a message that needs to be heard and experienced.” – The Ottawa Citizen

“even if you don’t know a chacharera from a bullerengue, Azul Infinito captivates with its distinctive arrangements and skein of cultural fusions and juxtapositions” – JazzTimes

“These may be art songs, but they’re art songs that invariably lead to next-level propulsion” – Down Beat

“A compelling marriage of aesthetics…simultaneously muscular and tender” – New York City Jazz Record

“Dynamic and worldly” – The New York Times

“Rooted in tradition, yet stretched inside-out and upside-down enough so that it’s a whole ‘nother animal, making it a fusion of the best sort.” – Classicalite

“Ryan Keberle is one of the hottest names in jazz trombone… His own group, Catharsis, is a powerful ‘chordless’ quintet of similarly sought-after musicians” – The Irish Times

“one of the best jazz records of the year so far, and the band kicks ass” – The Brooklyn Rail

“one of the most hypnotic record starts I’ve heard this year” – Vancouver Province

Written by : Ryan

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