“Bom, só posso dizer que adorei o resultado e fiquei especialmente impressionado com a capacidade do Ryan de absorver o nosso sotaque brasileiro nos solos ou nos seus improvisos… E é claro que não vou me esquecer de elogiar o talento do trio que lhe acompanha com tamanha precisão e musicalidade.” – Edu Lobo

[English Translation] “Well, I can only say that I loved the result and was particularly impressed by Ryan’s ability to absorb our Brazilian accent in his solos and improvisations…And, or course, I cannot forget to praise the talent of the trio accompanying him with such precision and musicality.” – Edu Lobo

Edu Lobo, edulobo.com.br

Sonhos da Esquina – EPK

Considerando – EPK

Pull Quotes

“The combination worked for Stan Getz, and this music is just as potent.”
– Pop Matters

“The trombonist’s chemistry with this trio just seems seamless and totally natural. Keberle and Collectiv do Brasil deliver some of the most calming, pensive, and lush music heard recently”.
– Making a Scene

“Sonhos da Esquina is fresh, exciting, accessible and beautiful, sublimely tuneful”.
– The Big Takeover

“Keberle, a rare artist whose creativity blossoms in all of his endeavors, has found yet another scenario that perfectly suits him.”
– All About Jazz

“Stunning melodies by Brazilian legends Milton Nascimento and Toninho Horta – and Keberle’s buoyant, lyrical legato horn truly captures their beauty”.

“The best moments, as in all things Latin, are during the mellow moments…Mellow brass wins the day.”
– Jazz Weekly

“A remarkable spell the Collectiv do Brasil conjure”
– Marlbank

“The quartet has produced an album of timeless small-group jazz”
– Sounds and Colours