I’m thrilled to announce that the latest Catharsis protest album, Find the Common, Shine a Light, is now available on Greenleaf Music!

The album is our response to growing political and social turmoil, and an urgent call for change.

After 6 years of regular touring and performing, Catharsis, continues to evolve our collective sound while speaking out about our troubled times on Find the Common, Shine a Light. With six years of recording and extensive touring under their belt, the band stays true to our “potent blend of cinematic sweep and lush, ear-grabbing melodies” (Los Angeles Times) while opting for a more layered and multifaceted approach in the studio.


The Nation

“The album is unpretentiously intelligent and profoundly moving.”


“A project that could speak both to the current state of political unrest and to music’s ability to overcome it”


“Find The Common, Shine A Light, is a powerful work that brings in new interpretations of popular song as well as originals that breathe and seethe on our behalf.”


“Though it may be political, Find the Common, Shine a Light has reach. It moves Catharsis from an appealing band with a brilliant single idea to a group that can do just about anything.”

Become the Water

If I told you here
and now is all we have, would you still hear
me? What if we are blind,
all of us, imagining
there was a time
when great was real.

Our weakest link
is fear of losing greatness.
Get on stage before the curtain
falls, before the blind
messiah opens fire.
We are here to elevate, to greater.

Find the common, shine
a light. Become the water.
Put out the fire.

Through all the noise,
why do we only hear
what we already know?
Why don’t we think
the other side is here with us?
Why don’t we hear the sirens
wailing for us all?

Why don’t we fight
for greater common, not against
our people? Are we not here
to elevate us all?

Why do we let our fear
be greater than our greatness?
Where fear is king, compassion
is a beggar. Dethrone
the blind and elevate the kind.

Find the common, shine
a light. Become the water.
Put out the fire.