Select Press Quotes

“Ryan Keberle and Catharsis prove why they are one of the most progressive bands in modern jazz.”
– Will Layman, PopMatters

“the songs swell and recede in a graceful way reminiscent of the Maria Schneider Orchestra. Wordless vocals, lyrics and solos emerge from gorgeous weaves of musical textures.”
– Martin Johnson, Wall Street Journal

“The hope I hold is that Keberle and Catharsis will make more such optimistic and provocative music.”
– J.D. Considine, JazzTimes

“a powerful work that brings in new interpretations of popular song as well as originals that breathe and seethe on our behalf.”
– Paste Magazine 

“a mix of barbed yet beauteous originals and covers of enduring protest songs.”
– Down Beat

“unpretentiously intelligent and profoundly moving.”
– The Nation

“A young trombonist of vision and composure…with far-ranging credential, Ryan Keberle is onto something with Catharsis, his update of a pianoless postbop quartet…There heart and soul in Mr. Keberle’s tunes”
– Nate Chinen, NY Times

“a potent blend of cinematic sweep and lush, ear-grabbing melodies.”
– Chris Barton, LA TIMES

“5 new jazz albums you need to hear…inventive, fun, and polished — and never self-indulgent (a jazz rarity)”
– Billboard

“Rooted in tradition, yet stretched inside-out and upside-down enough so that it’s a whole ‘nother animal, making it a fusion of the best sort.”
– Classicalite

“Ryan Keberle is one of the hottest names in jazz trombone… His own group, Catharsis, is a powerful ‘chordless’ quintet of similarly sought-after musicians”
– The Irish Times

“accessible and thoughtful, lyrical and cerebral…Keberle and his bandmates weave their voices together with supple ease and understated grace to conjure a collective sound that embraces the listener while rewarding closer attention.”
– Shaun Brady, Downbeat

“The jazz world truly needs more musicians like Ryan Keberle, a supremely gifted artist who’s willing and eager to prioritize emotion and humanity over ivory tower jazz intellectualism.”
– Daniel Bilawsky, All About Jazz

“In the last few years [Keberle has] seriously stepped out on his own, creating warm small-group music that’s front-loaded with melody; there’s also plenty of harmonic movement, but his remarkable rapport with trumpeter Mike Rodriguez never lets technique get in the way of tunefulness.”
– Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

“Trombonist and composer Ryan Keberle’s album Music Is Emotion (Alternate Side Records) introduces his piano-less quartet Catharsis and a sound so full of imaginative interplay and boundless energy that the band seems much larger”
– Thomas Staudter, Downbeat

“In forming Catharsis, a piano-less quartet with two horns, bass and drums, Keberle left his self-admitted comfort zone, but it did him some good; this already-stellar artist reaches a new artistic peak with Music Is Emotion.”
– Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

“[Keberle] is clearly in the vanguard of a handful of stalwarts
re-introducing the trombone to now unaccustomed ears”
– Bob Gish, Jazz Inside

“sprawling, multi-themed approach to composition…
Double Quartet indicates Keberle’s flowering skills as a composer and arranger”
– All About Jazz

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